Metal Roofing

textured metal roof on a residential home

Metal Roofing for Your Home

Metal roofing used to be reserved for shops, warehouses and commercial use. It was considered too noisy and industrial for residential use. In the past few years, however, advancements in the quality of roofing materials and the metal itself have made metal roofing an ideal choice for homeowners. Hixon provides quality metal roofing for commercial and residential customers in Aiken, SC, Charleston, SC, and Augusta, GA.

Homeowners Love Metal Roofing

There are many reasons metal has become a popular choice for home use. Perhaps most important, metal roofing lasts longer than many other options. When installed properly, a metal roof can last 40 to 70 years. The low weight of metal preserves the structural integrity of your roof, reducing the need for maintenance and repair costs. With excellent resistance to fire and wind, a metal roof is also very energy efficient. The material itself is 100 percent recyclable, so it is friendly to the environment.

On top of the structural reasons to choose metal roofing, it looks great. Many Hixon customers choose metal roofing because it comes in many colors and styles including standing seam, tuff-rib, and 5V. It can improve your curb appeal and make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

profile of a green roof with corrugated metal
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