When is the Best Time to Replace My Commercial Roof?

Jul 5, 2024 | Commercial Roofing

Even the best commercial roof will need to be replaced occasionally. If your roof sustains storm damage or develops a leak, though, you need immediate help from experts in commercial and industrial roofing. Contact Hixon today in Augusta, GA, and Summerville, S.C., for effective commercial roof solutions for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

What’s the Best Season to Replace a Roof?

Replacing a commercial roof can be a time-consuming process, so it helps to do it when the weather is most conducive. Late spring and early fall tend to be the best seasons in Augusta, Ga., and Summerville, S.C., because the temperature is moderate and there are fewer weather delays than other times of the year. Late spring and summer are busy times for Hixon, so contact us as soon as possible about your commercial roof replacement.

The Benefits of Autumn Roof Replacement Include:

  • Better weather: The temperature cools in autumn, making it easier for roofers to work safely throughout the day. It also reduces the risk of a sudden storm stopping the work or sending water into your building.
  • Better scheduling: A lot of facilities schedule roof repair for the summer, either because of emergencies or seasonal availability. Schools, for example, often schedule hefty repairs for summer breaks. You can avoid that rush when you schedule your job for the fall.
  • Less business disruption: The fall offers steady revenue for many businesses, but it sits neatly between the back-to-school rush and the holiday season. This is an ideal time to schedule projects that make a lot of noise or disrupt shopping.

You Might Need Immediate Roof Replacement

Scheduling a roof replacement project as soon as possible is important if the roof is damaged. Structural damage, liability, and water damage can cost far more than roof repair in Augusta or Summerville. Hixon will work with you to schedule commercial roof replacement when best suits your needs. We do not want to stop or delay your productivity any more than absolutely necessary.

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