GAF solar shingles

Solar Shingles

The biggest difference between putting solar shingles on a roof vs solar panels is that the solar shingles are nailed directly to the roof decking and installed just like a shingle.

Being directly installed on the roof decking will prevent having hundreds of lag bolts going through the decking and eventually causing leaks. Also, with panels they are raised above the roof with a space for animals/rodents to nest under them causing damage to the roof and possible access for animals/rodents to enter the home.

What kind of savings do solar shingles offer?

Anywhere from 25% offset, 50% offset, to 100% offset, if the roof allows it and the homeowner would like a system that big.

Energy savings is really dependent on what the homeowner wants to achieve, if they want to be a little more green, we can put a smaller system on the home, if they want to offset energy completely, and there is enough sun facing roof, we can build a system that will offset more of their energy bill.

Solar shingles warranty

The warranty on the standard shingles is 50 year manufacturers warranty, with a 25 year workmanship warranty. The solar shingles themselves also will have a Solar Max warranty included to guarantee production.

The manufacturers warranty covers defect like delamination and decoloration. The Solar Max warranty then covers the production of the system.

Hixon’s covers the first 2 years of the workmanship warranty, then GAF picks up the remaining portion. The Solar Max Warranty is covered by GAF Energy.

GAF solar shingles

GAF solar shingles

GAF is the oldest manufacturer of shingles, why wouldn’t you want a product made by someone that knows roofing so intimately? This is not a tech company making a solar shingle, this is a shingle company hiring great tech engineers to create an actual shingle.

Payment options for solar shingles

We offer 25 year financing so the large purchase of something like a solar shingle/solar system on the home isn’t an out of pocket expense.

GAF solar shingles